Treasure Mart

Unlike the usual flea market that can be found outdoors, the Treasure Mart is situated in a building where a variety of items including mid-century home furnishings, ceramics, jewelry, vintage clothing and other items are sold. The three-story shop is located on Ann Arbor-Detroit area, a once historic building established during the mid-19th century. First used as a planning mill by John G. Miller, the Treasure Mart also has outdoor area filled with vintage patio furniture that has lasted for decades.

Everyday, at least 2,000 new items are added to Treasure Mart’s inventory and within just 30 days, roughly 75% of the items are sold to buyers. History has it that at one point, a Biedermeier bedroom set was sold for $8,000. At present, the item would have sold for $30,000. Though expensive rare items can be bought from the establishment, a lot of cheap items are also available. You can even buy a postcard for 25 cents.

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Location: 529 Detroit St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Operating hours: Monday – Saturday (9:00 am – 5:30 pm)

Contact number: +1 734-662-1363

Official website: